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Our customers benefit from the various technologies which we have developed and implemented across various domains and these are an essential aspect of adding value for our customers. We have a diverse range of expertise across various platforms which enables us to develop solutions which are highly creative and address the needs of various customer in a cost effective manner. Our product package of HIMS, Payroll and Document Management Systems are highly effectively in managing the various aspects of a hospital. We have designed our HIMS system in a modular manner.

Suvarna Technosoft is a totally customer centric company which has designed and innovated various products, these include a flagship Hospital Information System which integrates with our state of the art document management system which has been designed as the ultimate solution for document management. Our HIS system offer more value for our customers irrespective of their hospital size when compared to any other competing product. We also offer our customers a document management system(DMS) and a payroll manager solution which is available for managing various aspects of your corporate payroll. Our HIMS System has been designed for hospitals after a detailed study of the various requirements which hospitals have. These HIMS systems are operational in over 50 hospitals and our HIMS system is designed with scalability and flexibilityThis has made our software the perfect solution for any type of hospital with varying specialities.

Our customers derive the following benefits by using our services

Improve Patient Care

Properly implemented HIS can improve quality of patient care by increasing the timeliness and accuracy of records and administrative information. HIS provides simplified access to patient records and other administrative information for those who need it. It also sets a standard for patient care, making it more consistent across the board. In many cases, patients can also use the system to better educate themselves about their diseases and conditions as well as treatments and outcomes.

Improves Cost Control

The increased standardization of hospital management information systems improves cost control by improving efficiency and productivity. Personnel costs and inventory levels can be reduced through the avoidance of duplications and repetitions. HIS can also help eliminate confusion and delays that are caused by incomplete or missing records. These systems provide a managerial tool for decision making because they offer the functionality of assembling various types of data into usable reports. Data can be collected and categorized so that managers can analyze such information as patient lists, bed occupancy rates and statistics categorized by doctors.

Increased Security

Hospital Information Systems are secured databases of administrative and patient information that can be easily accessed only by those who need the information. HIS links departments without compromising the security of the information involved. For example, pathology, radiology and administrative offices each have access to the pieces of a patient’s information that are necessary to completing their individual job functions without allowing access to information that is not specifically relevant to that function.

Technically Advanced

This Hospital Management system has a Multi-tier architecture. Dot Net (.NET technologies) using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) for the distributed architecture. Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) - the next generation GUI from Microsoft® powered by Direct X technologies resulting in rich GUI that can be explored on Internet Browser 6.0 and above. It supports Oracle 9i and above databases and uses crystal reports for reporting purposes.

Low Cost

We offer the lowest cost of product development and implementation across various domains. Using a highly lean approach, we reduce our costs and enhance the productivity of our employees by having well defined process structures. These help us keep our costs down by reducing errors during the development stage without compromising quality.

High Quality of Deliverables

Our skilled teams work on ensuring that every deliverable we create is of the highest standard. This ensures that our customers get the best quality and functionality in their end products which results in a large amount of revenue.

Totally Focused Customer Support

Our customer support systems are highly effective and are designed to rapidly address any issues which our customers may have in various areas of the market. Our highly trained technical teams ensure that our clients are supported 24X7 and this gives them the confidence in our products.

Enhanced ROI Generation

We enhance ROI generation across various domains for our clients by providing them turnkey solutions which deliver the best results and enhance their revenue base and structure.

Our product packages are designed with our customers in mind and we have ensured the optimum price to performance ratio in all our products to give our customers better value.