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Suvarna Technosoft is a Hyderabad based Indian company which has been serving the healthcare segment since 1999, started by Mr. T. S. Suresh. It has now grown into a formidable force in the healthcare market and provides quality healthcare software products for over 220+ Hospitals and 500+ Diagnostic clients in the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, New Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. includes KIMS, Ruby hall Clinic, Care Group of Hospitals, Max Cure, Omega and Prime Hospitals etc. and 4 major implementations in Abroad, working with a highly committed work force. And today we are working with 20+ health care chains.

Suvarna Technosoftdeveloped the Hospital Information Management System over 17 years ago for clients to meet their needs for simple and cost effective healthcare solutions. We have expanded our module list to provide a wide range of services for the healthcare sector in the areas of Hospital Resource Management, Inventory control and create cross functional hospital networks which can helps to have a better Patient Experience.


T Suresh, CEO, awarded in TV5 Business Leader Awards 2017


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Patient Records Processing


  • HIMS
  • Radiology Information System
  • Document Management System
  • MIS Information Reporting System
  • Telemedicine
  • Business Intelligence
  • Laboratory Information Management System

Suvarna HIMS is a complete Health Care Informatoion System which provides the benefits of streamlined operation,enhanced administration & control,Superior patient care , strict cost control and improved profitablity. We are one among the very few who offer an advanced solution globally that's simple,reliable,affordable and proven.

Suvarna HIMS is a fully integrated Hospital Information Management System for Small size to Mega hospitals,Medical Colleges,Clinics and Chain Diagnostics Centers. Suvarna TechnoSoft HIS today is used by leading hospitals in over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Suvarna HIMS is Powerful, Flexible, easy to use and designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals,Medical Colleges,clinics and Chain Diagnostics Centers.


Modular design concepts to eliminate complexity.


Bullet Proof reliability of your ceritical medical


Cost effective health care solutions wich are free


Our Software is the backbone of over 100+ major hospitals

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  • January 10th 2010- Hyderabad- Suvarna technosoft announced the sucessful implementation of their healthcare information software system at the prestigious Indus Hospital in Vishakpatanam.

    Indus Press Release

  • Hyderabad- 25th January 2009- Suvarna Technosoft has sucessfully implemented a highly effective healthcare IT solution for Prasad Hospitals in Hyderabad. We have sucessfully deployed various healthcare Software modules for their diverse departments including Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology and various other departments.

    Suvarna Helps Prasad Hospitals enhance its effeciency through a powerful HIS Solution


  • Our experience with Suvarna was extremely professional and systematic. We were amazed with their attention to detail and dedication to deliver the best customer experience for us on all fronts

    Dr.B.Bhaskar Rao,MD and CEO, Kims Hospital, Hyderabad.

  • “We would highly recommend their services to any Medicare facility or hospital looking for enhancing efficiency and improving patient satisfaction”

    Dr.D.Anjaneya Prasad,MD,Prasad Hospitals, Hyderabad.