Device Type : Bi Directional
Categories : IL ILAB 650
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Client Benefits:

Automation– automatically transfers patient demographics and work order to the analyzer and automatically records result data onto Laboratory system.
Accuracy :Elimination of data entry which in turn minimizes human error.
Time saving :improve efficiency in the lab.
Major Features :Depending on the analyzer’s capability, transmitted order information could include: accession number, bar code, or other sample identifier; requested collection date and time; drawn date and time; collection priority (routine vs. STAT); ordering doctor name or number; etc.Depending on the analyzer’s capability, transmitted patient demographics could include: name; age (years); birthdate; medical record number; financial number; nursing station or location; room and bed; etc.
Some interfaces can run online for immediate result verification and reporting, depending on the instrument’s capability
Optionally supports accession number of bar code printing for testing site specimen identification purposes.
Provides a complete audit trail of communications.

Recommended System Configuration for End-Users


LIS interface PC


Core 2 Duo & Above or any equivalent Processor

Operating System

Windows 7 / Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (64 Bit)


Access to Database Server is Required.

Memory (RAM)

Minimum 4GB

Communication Port

4 No’s Onboard PCI slots required


System side required always 9 pin (DB9) female and Machine side required based on machine communication port (most of the time 9 pin (DB9) Female.) in some cases 25 pin male also required

Required LIS cable prepare materials

Soldering Kit is required to do soldering for above two pins. (Soldering Kit contains Soldering Gun, LED and Soldering Flux.

1.Bidirectional provides a communication link between a laboratory analyzer (i.e., instrument) and the Suvarna System.

2.This instrument software interface supports automatic transmission of both patient demographics and work orders from Suvarna system to analyzer, and allows automatic transfer of results from the analyzer to Suvarna Laboratory system.

3.The bidirectional interface is designed as a time saving device, allowing patient demographics and work order automatically downloaded to the analyzer and allowing results to be automatically recorded/uploaded onto the Suvarna system with minimum human intervention.