As a leader in providing customized solutions for various industries, governments and local bodies, Suvarna Technosoft is breaking the barriers of its own excellence while enhancing quality and productivity for our clients. Drawing on our highly talented and skilled pool of professionals who are committed for providing total customer satisfaction on all fronts, we offer solutions which exceed customer expectations.
By leveraging our development strength which is based on a highly evolved global development model, we build value for our clients and enhance their ROI through sustained techno innovation and a lateral approach to complex problems. We go the extra mile to understand our client's requirements and enhance our value additions by leveraging various core competencies which are our key strengths.

  • Wide solution matrix for every business and budget
  • Our solution matrix covers the following services
  • Application Development and Integration

Every enterprise requires cost effective solutions which are flexible and deliver results which generate revenues. Suvarna Techonosoft is a leader in the application development and integration segment for a wide range of customers across varied industry domains. Our expertise in handling diverse technology intensive architectural solutions are critical for customers who require the best solutions for their needs at highly competitive prices.
Our foray into the software modification and implementation domain has been very successful as we have garnered many clients who have repeatedly come back to us for high quality application customization, enhancement and integration services and our attention to detail and world class quality standards.

Application Development

We deliver the best application development and onsite integration services for customers in varied industry verticals who have diverse requirements. We leverage the utility of various software modules and create applications which meet the requirements of various clients in different areas. We have developed an advanced HIMS system which is designed to manage various aspects of a hospital. Hospital management was never easier thanks to our HIMS system which gaurentes the best ROI for every hospital. You can use our HIMS system in combination with various other products like DMS and Payroll for the best results.

Using strategic solutions which address the various development and onsite integration requirements of clients, we provide a high level of value and generate substantial cost reductions which are reflected during the performance and growth of the business.

Our Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) is designed for customized deployment across various customer sites. The strength of our application development system lies in customizing the Hospital Information System or HIMS to provide quality solutions for patients.

ERP solutions

Strategic ERP solutions are the cornerstone of any business and are an essential aspect of managing and prioritizing their business requirements and optimizing resource utilization. We deliver concrete ERP solutions which are tailored and optimized to improve the workflow of various manufacturing or development systems.
Customer requirements are changing on a constant basis which requires a radical redefinition of the various aspects of the ERP implementation in the changing business environment. Clients can reliably choose Suvarna as a strategic implementation partner for their ERP deployment and migration process and generate the best ROI using our solutions when compared to any other competing vendor in the market.

Data Warehousing

We offer high quality data warehousing services as part of our ERP implementation solutions and as a standalone service. Organizations are faced with an increasing challenge of having vast amounts of data which need to be transferred analyzed and stored in a format which is accessible even after a long period of time. Balancing this delicate task of storing and archiving critical and relevant information with combined cross format compatibility is a challenging task for any organization. Suvarna helps clients deploy various solutions which manage and archive their flow of data and all their archival needs.
Suvarna deploys highly advanced data warehousing techniques which we have developed after extensive interaction and deployment over many sites and varied customers across industry domains. This gives us a clear advantage to deliver the right kind of solutions which our clients require within their budget. We integrate a highly powerful symbiotic solution consisting of hardware, software and training solutions which enable our clients to jump start their data warehousing process at the earliest with minimal time and effort.

Technical Services

Suvarna is single and unified service provider which aims to provide the best services to its clients under a single roof. In addition to our core application development which is focused on the continuous enhancement of our Hospital Information Management System and ERP implementation services, a large number of requests arose for the provision of end to end technical services which enhance productivity and improve reliability of operations. Our HIMS software is our most sought after product and we provide a wide range of technical services for not only for our HIS system but also our document management and Payroll Management System.

Resource Enhancement

Modern Software firms face intense costing pressures which make them highly sensitive to any change in resource utilization or manpower imbalance. Suvarna provides a ideal method of enhancing productivity on short term projects without compromising on quality and target performance. We offer our clients highly flexible short term and long term resource enhancement services which reduce their cost of attrition while having quality talent for meeting their immediate business needs.
Clients have the flexibility of hiring various skilled personnel with flexible billing options on a part time or full time basis to meet their requirements. We offer the services of various personal in the fields of software programing, testing, networking, system administration, data entry and any software related service which our clients require.

Expertize and Solutions

Suvarna is a trailblazer in delivering the right solutions for our clients on time and within budget. Our expertize in providing software development and health care services is unmatched in the market. We have the best talent pools in the industry which encompasses quality experience from a wide range of domains and industry verticals. This cohesive summation of expertize is a key factor which assures clients of the best services within budget.
Based on our quality standards which are second to none in the Industry, we achieve results which very few competitors can ever exceed or match in any front. Every operation we perform is focused on a qualitative object to refine and improve quality standards on a continuous basis. Clients who need a strong and cost effective solution base will be delighted at the scale and versatility of our solutions which are required to keep them ahead in a competitive market.

Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is a critical and continuous process which is designed to enhance the quality of developed software and make it developer independent and process dependent. Suvarna Technosoft offers the industry's most comprehensive software quality assurance services which are cost effective and place the quality of client software into the highest league.

We have formulated various strategies which achieve the goal of identifying the right parameters and metrics and their deployment. Suvarna also offers various types of quality audits which are essential for enhancing the quality of the development and testing process to achieve high quality end results for our clients. Our quality assurance processes are highly detailed and encompass every aspect of the quality control segment and its related variables.

Application Migration

In a fast changing business and technological environment, it is essential to have a a forward looking application framework which is highly flexible and is designed for scalability. Our application migration services are streamlined for providing highly comprehensive solutions which are cost effective and scalable at the same time.
Application migration is a highly complex task which requires the use of various services and technologies to enhance the usability of particular application and software systems. We understand that many clients use various types of legacy applications which are not compatible with present systems and these present a complex problem when they choose to scale or expand their operations.