Having a costly and feature rich HIMS system would not be productive if it were not simple enough to be used by the users at the grass root level. We have designed our HIMS products to be highly user friendly and feature a well thought out interface which is highly logical and simple to use.

By simplifying the user interface and distilling it down to a self explanatory level, we help your hospital reduce training and staff downtime for learning to use our software. While the user interface of the Suvarna HIMS has been designed for simplicity, we have built a robust and complex series of checks and balances in the HIMS backend to ensure a high level of transparency and reliability in operations.

Some of the enhancements which have made Suvarna's HIMS a simple and effective solution for every healthcare need are.

  • Eliminates manual entries and data capture to bring down errors.
  • Uses a single click system of information capture and entry across the hospital
  • Manages complex report generation tasks in a just a few clicks, thereby saving hundreds of manhours
  • Simplifying complex processes like patient admission and discharge which can be modified and viewed within a few minutes
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork and complexity of information transfer across departments
  • Uses advanced modular design to reduce failed module downtime and simplifies system upgrades and maintenance
  • Simplifies intra departmental operations which require information validation and exchange
  • Simplifies Patient Record Management

Our HIMS software is designed to simplify and enhance various aspects of hospital functionality and make complex processes simple and cost effective in their functioning and operation. You can count on the Suvarna HIMS to deliver the best results when you need them.