Hospital information Management System

Hospital information Management System

Our Suvarna-HIS packages have been designed for customers who require value-based solutions at low costs. The Suvarna-HIS software has been designed after extensive study and research into the various aspect of hospital functionality. Our products are designed to support all the major features required by a hospital and is designed with a modular architecture which allows a high level of scalability and flexibility for the end user.

We have listed the core features in our Suvarna-HIS product and these features would vary based on the type of product variation which a client purchases. We have designed several variations of our product to cater to customer's who have a wide budget range.

Suvarna-HIS Master Module

The Suvarna-HIS master is a high-level user module that allows the software administrator to configure the various parameters and access controls across the Suvarna-HIS software. This Suvarna-HIS master module has been designed for complete user and admin level configurability and greatly simplifies various complex tasks of creating profiles or performing layer-based access grouping. The Master module also allows provides total configuration capabilities for hospitals to streamline and integrates various departments and facilitate rapid data exchange and validation.

Hospital Module

This is our core module which is deployed as part of the HIMS system. The hospital module features the following.

Out-Patient Services

Our package handles the entire requirement of a hospital for various types of functions including registration, appointment consultation, and billing management. A highly flexible user interface has been designed, with high-level access control for various users based on specific administration needs of the hospital.

In-Patient Services

Handling various In-Patient services is highly critical in any hospital. Our Suvarna-HIS package handles the various functionalities of I.P Management including tasks like Unique Medical Number Assignment, Patient Data, Bed management processes, and insurance verification services.

Admission Discharge and Transfer

The various aspects of admission, discharge, and transfer and performed through our core ADT module. This module controls all the functions related to patient admission pre-booking, additional bed management, ward transfer. The ADT module also handles the various steps of the discharge process including patient credit history, Service billing, and diet plan generation, etc. This ADT feature set is indispensable in achieving a high level of operational efficiency for a hospital and generating more marginal revenue per bed.

Laboratory Information System

Laboratory management is a critical task that requires a high level of process management and streamlining for the smooth functioning of patient samples and report generation. Our laboratory Information modules in Suvarna-HIS work using tight integration of Barcodes and RFID techniques to achieve automated sample collection and management with minimal errors. These processes help the laboratory department to process a higher level of samples in an hour and reduce manpower. This module integrates with the HIMS and provides patient investigations and reporting history on specific patients at the nursing stations.

Blood Bank

The blood bank module is also designed as a critical module that is linked across the HIMS system. The Blood Bank modules help the hospital maintain detailed information on blood groups and quantities available in the hospital at any point in time. Using the implementation of various types of barcode technologies for processing blood units, the issue and replenishment of various blood groups are tracked through the software. Alert configurations help the operators track the various stock quantities are notified when there is a shortage of a specific group of blood. Donor information and blood sample history is also entered into this module and stored for future access and retrieval.


Our billing modules are tightly integrated to provide highly transparent billing management and tracking within the HIMS software. Our billing modules cover the handling of IP, OP, and Laboratory billing systems across the hospital and help generate various types of billing for customers based on the hospital policies.

Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling is a highly customer-centric module that allows the patient to view the availability of various hospital facilities. This feature enables users to directly log in and schedule appointments with the specific doctors which are required at the hospital. Once an appointment has been confirmed, the doctor can be notified by various methods including texting or email of the specific appointment.


Modern hospitals have various types of inventory items that run into thousands of units. Keeping an accurate track of this information is essential for the hospital to prevent pilferage and theft. Our Inventory management module covers the various aspects of purchase order generation, Material Management, and Secured entry and issue functions across the hospital network. Store manager can also create highly advanced stock forecasting schedules

Doctor's Organizer

Our doctor's organizer module has been created to provide doctors with highly flexible functionality and also a powerful organizing tool for hospital doctors to schedule and manage their appointments. With a few clicks, doctors can now manage and set reminders for all their appointments spread over a week and also remotely access patient histories and case studies in a highly effective manner even when they are not in the hospital and reduce patient waiting time.

Gastro Enterology

The Gastroenterology Module is designed to interface with the various machines which are present in the Gastroenterology department. The Images and video footage are captured organized and stored by the module in a specified location in the system.


The BioMedical module is designed to handle the maintenance and use of various bio-medical equipment in the hospital. Automated tracking of maintenance schedules and various logs of breakdowns are entered into the software module which keeps a close track of the various reliability factors which affect the functioning of these critical items in the healthcare process.

Operation Theater

Operation theaters are the nerve center of the hospital and perform the task of saving hundreds of lives a year. Operation theater management is essential and critical to ensuring that critical cases are dealt with in a highly efficient manner and reduce the waiting time of patients who need critical surgery. Our operation theater modules are designed to help in scheduling and managing various operation theater functions across the hospital. The operation theater modules are customized for various types of applications and integrate the management of pre and post-operative care for the patient.

Diabetes Module

These modules are designed for treating patients who have diabetic problems. The diabetes modules are designed for mandatory patient history recording, patient scheduling and drug prescription management, test scheduling, and test report integration.


Our modules handle the various tasks which are related to the treatment of nephrological diseases in patients. Various types of cross-functional case studies can be analyzed and innovative treatment solutions achieved for patients who need the best nephrological care and treatment. Functions including appointment management, tests, surgery, and pre and post-operative care functions can be scheduled using the software in tight integration with other resources in the hospital.


The nursing management module is tightly integrated into the total HIMS system at every level. The nursing management module offers nurses a totally automated solution for managing their day-to-day functions in an effective manner. These include patient history management, Test orders, and report validation, drug indenting and returns, patient-specific alerts for specific medical procedures. The nursing module can also be integrated with a knowledge base to provide information access for nurses and staff on floor duty which increases their knowledge level and awareness.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverages module is designed for managing the various diverse diet requirements of the patient in close coordination with the hospital catering system. Various types of specific meals and dietary items can be ordered through the module and these are prepared and these are directly billed to the patient. The food and beverage module also handles various other functions including over-the-counter sales of food items within the hospital on several counters.


A document Management System is a system to scan, archive, retrieve the various physical documents(Case Sheets, Reports, Insurance agreements, etc) to be stored in an electronic format. Our software is used to clean up and eliminate any extraneous elements on these pages and these are then categorized and archived in the centralized storage system. An audit trail is also enabled to keep track of every user who works on patient documents to enable total transparency in operations. These records can be accessed and modified at any point in time by an authorized person in the hospital. Detailed system logging and auditing are enabled to ensure compliance with patient privacy standards. Integrated document management achieves a high level of transparency and economic in-hospital workflow operations across the hospital. Our DMS modules provide clients customized OCR implementations and customized document management solutions for specific scenarios. The DMS system also integrates an effective version tracking and management module which is used to access and store various versions of existing documents.
The DMS system also supports the automation of various functions during the OCR capture and storage process. Migration of existing data into the DMS database is also achieved with support for legacy formats.

The DMS system uses an advanced method of image storage and compression called DJVU enhances stored image quality and reduces image storage space.