Document Management System

Document Management System

The Suvrana Document Management System(DMS) is a comprehensive solution for highly customized document management solutions of any scale or type. Our document management system modules are designed to streamline document management workflows and improve document privacy for our clients. Our DMS incorporates the best technology and functionality which meets our client requirements while reducing their cost of operation. The Suvarna DMS provides diverse cost benefits for every type of customer and is a able companion to our highly capable HIMS software.

Our DMS system integrates the following core features which enhance productivity and reduce cost

Document Input

Our DMS modules support document inputs in a wide variety of formats and these are processed further using the various tools which we provide for the end user. Suvarna has an advanced DMS input module which scans and cleans documents of various types rapidly and efficiently. This module has been designed to reduce workflow delays by as much as 30% and enhance the quality of document capture and editing. Integration of various features including OCR scanning and image clean up are also provided during the input phase.

Document Segregation

Clients can be rest assured about the complex segregation of documents which are fed daily into the DMS. Suvarna has adopted many diverse methods of ensuring automated segregation which streamline and process electronic documents at the click of a mouse. Every type of document segregation can be customized for meeting specific user requirements.

Document Tagging

Advanced tagging functions can be incorporated using the Suvarna DMS which reduces the search and retrieval time for every document. It has been proven that over 15% of a employee workday is lost in document tagging and retrieval and this can be optimized using our products which uniquely address this problem and solve it.

Document Indexing and Storage

Customers need perfect solutions for document indexing and storage when they have to handle extremely large amounts of data in a short periods of time. Our DMS system provides the best document indexing and storage facilities which are are cost effective for the user and reduce storage cost. We also incorporate the required resources to reduce processing time and storage space through our advanced DJVU image compression system.

Dynamic Search Facilities

Our DMS system uses advanced meta configuration modules which streamline search functions and reduce retrieval time. Complex search queries are handled effectively to reduce traffic volume and serve documents by optimizing existing resources at every stage of the document search and retrieval process.

Enhanced Image Compression

Our DMS system uses a proprietary form of the highly effective DJVU image storage and compression algorithm. This helps our end user reduce storage file size and enhances image processing workflow productivity through the use of advanced file compression and handling techniques with no loss in quality.
Our DMS System integrates seamlessly with our HIMS modules to establish a comprehensive document management solutions for hospitals of any scale and size. This seamless integration of HIMS and DMS systems is very cost effective for every hospital which is looking for hospital information management system(HIMS) and a document management system learn about how