As a hospital, you have many choices in the market to choose the right HIMS system which you feel will work for you. It is essential for you as a hospital owner to have complete trust in the functionality and operation of the HIMS system at all levels so that you have total peace of mind.

We have developed our HIMS software to give you total peace of mind in handling critical and complex tasks which require day to day attention. Our software can be trusted by every hospital due to the inherent quality standards. These are clearly defined and set during the developing stage of the software and our zeal and commitment helps us deliver a product which exceeds your every expectation.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should trust the Suvarna HIMS system

  • Total transparency in operation
  • Used by over 50 reputed clients
  • Strong Integrated Audit Trail
  • Quality support for every problem
  • Totally secure operating environment
  • Complies with every major healthcare standard
  • We deliver what we promise with no hidden costs
  • Tiered access control for every department to enhance security
  • When you choose Suvarna, you choose trust and honesty which is reflected in our products and support solutions which we provide for you. In short, when you choose Suvarna you choose the best healthcare software which you can trust your patient lives with.