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Suvarna Technosoft delivers true value for all our clients who have trusted us with their requirements for various types of software and hardware in diverse industry verticals. These ensure that our clients generate the maximum amount of revenue while enhancing their business and improving business revenue.

Our approach towards delivering value is multi-faceted and is intrinsically established into the various processes which we follow for delivering the best to our clients. With a strong product line which is designed for adding value to customers, we are able to deliver the best at all times. Our Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) is designed for total hospital integration and operational effeciency. Suvarna's HIMS is a highly evevoled product which is available in various versions, these HIMS systems are designed for even small hospitals which have 50 users or large hospitals which have 750 users. Our HIMS product is highly scalable and is designed to provide the best value for your investment. Suvarna's HIMS is complemented by an advanced Document Management System which is designed for handling various aspects of patient records which present in a hospital. We adopt a highly lateral approach which delivers out of the box results which are in line with our customer expectations at all times though our products like HIMS and DMS.

Suvarna believes that true value creation only occurs when there is an approach to deliver a cost effective solution which totally meets customer needs on all fronts. We have established ourselves very firmly in the market as a key player for various client services which are constantly evolving over time and handle every change requirement in a highly methodical and cost effective manner.

Suvarna offers solutions which are totally transparent and have no hidden costs. Our clients totally trust us to deliver quality HIMS, DMS and Payroll solutions to even the most complex problems on time and within budget. Unlike some of competition, who deliver half baked solutions and charge for support, our HIMS, DMS and Payroll solutions are complete and we stand by our customers at all times to deliver the best value additions which are required at every stage of their business growth.

Modular design, innovative solutions and enhanced product features make our products like HIMS true winners in the marketplace. This edge has kept Suvarna at the forefront of delivering the best hospital information management systems(HIMS) which provide performance oriented solutions at all times.