Laboratory Information Services

Our HIMS software has an advanced laboratory information system, which is used to manage and control the various operations of the laboratory. Our Laboratory Information System has the following features which are available for use in a hospital

User Accounts
The user accounts function allows different users to have access to the LIS system based upon their role in the organization and the data which they need to access from the system. Users can log in using a username and a password. This enables a certain amount of security within the system so that non-authorized users are denied access to sensitive lab information and cannot change any data. This functions allows users to be added or deleted at any time.

Patient Management
The LIS maintains information on all individuals who are assigned tests in the lab. Certain users may be able to change patient information depending on their roles and authorization. The patient management function allows for all lab tests done for a specific person over time to be linked to that particular individual for quick access and retrieval .

Provider Management
Providers are either individuals or organizations that submit specimens for testing to a lab. For example this includes referral,ordered and performed doctors. The LIS keeps a record of all providers who can send specimens and receive results.

Test Catalog Management
The LIS manages all the tests and procedures that are carried out by the lab, allowing for different tests to be grouped into various categories as needed. Tests may be identified using standard codes such as LOINC (Logical Observations Identifiers Names and Codes) or CPT (Current Procedural Terminology). Our LIS also allows complete control on the tests to be added, deleted or modified from the Test Catalog.

Request Management
This function allows the maintenance of all the requests for lab services which need to be performed. A request would typically consist of a specific test or set of tests which need to be performed along with other related data. A request is also linked to a specific individual using the LIS system.