Master Manager

The Suvarna HIMS system runs on the basis of a masters which are managed through a single location. The master manager enables diverse configuration of various masters which are present in the HIMS system. The Suvarna HIMS System has over 150 masters which enables customized configuration of the software. Some of the key masters which are present in the HIMS system include:

Department Master
This master in Suvarna HIMS enables the user to configure the various departments within the hospital. Various attributes of a speciality department like speciality or super speciality can be defined and entered in this master.

Doctor Master
This master allows users to enter the complete information related to a doctor who is working in the hospital or is a visting consultant. This master allows you to enter specific details on the doctor including registration number and his specific department and various other doctor related information in the HIMS.

Company Master
This master provides details on the company name and its company code. Oher information like address and company policies can be defined within this master as required by the user.

Organizational Master
This HIMS master allows you to define the organization name, assign a code, specify the registration date and define the specific tarrifs for in and out patient which have been set for that organization at various points of time. The contract details with the hospital can also be defined.

Accounts Master
Within this master various aspects of accounting are managed. The account ledger head , code and name are defined within this master. Also information like credit balance and debit balance can be viewed within this master.

Address Master
This master defines the address of employee, patient, doctor, organization, manufacturer and vendor within the HIMS.

Equipment Master
This master defines the name of the equipment, code given to the equipment, name of the company from where it has been procured and other related information.

Referrall Master
This master in the Suvarna HIMS helps you to edit the various referall details like name and address of various referalls like other doctors, other hospitals, their staff, specific organizations and others.

Authorization Master
This master which is provided in the Suvarna HIMS software allows you to define the designation type like doctor, managament, organization, staff and referalls. Various authorizations for OP concessions, IP concessions, voucher approval and various other authorization aspects are covered.

Services Master
The services master allows you to define the service name, service code and department code in the Suvarna HIMS. You can also define lab report settings, patient blood groups etc within this master.