Nursing Information System

Our nursing information system which is integrated into our HIMS is designed to help nurses manage and handle their day to day tasks in a simple and effective manner through the integration of our software. The nursing information system provides detailed information on the various types of nursing duties which are required for patients which includes scheduling and management of various tasks which include patient drug dosage regulation.

Our nursing information system also provides an advanced method of managing the various types of drug doses and medications which are to be given for patients. By automating these tasks, our nursing modules reduce the burden of the nurses and helps them to manage their daily tasks in an effective manner.

Our powerful features in our HIMS Nursing Information System are designed to help you reduce the cost of operating your nursing care divisions and also enhancing the quality of patient care to the highest standards. Our nursing information systems also enable nursing staff to view lab results online, order specific tests which are required for patients, place drug indents and automate various types of repetitive tasks which are required to be performed on a daily basis.