Payroll Management System

The increasing complexity of modern organizations has necessitated the use of quality payroll management systems which are foolproof and secure in their operation and integrate with Suvarna HIMS system within a hospital to deliver consistent results for organizations even when handling large volumes of information on varied heads and departments.

Suvarna has designed a cost effective payroll system which encompasses the varied feature sets found in competing systems at very affordable prices. We enhance organizational productivity and improve transparency by deploying and customizing our payroll management systems in the right manner which meets client requirements. Our payroll system integrate closely with the various HIMS modules which Suvarna has designed. A combination of the Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) and the payroll system is an effective method to achieve the highest operational effeciency in your hospital as a whole. Our Payroll module can be customized and integrated with our HIMS system at various levels. This ensures that customers who buy our HIMS System and payroll module are able to leverage the maximum cost benefits through increase operational effeciency.

Our Payroll management system can be configured and operated with great ease and minimal amount of training. Various complex tasks can be automated and deployed with minimal effort and time to deliver the best performance and productivity for the organization as a whole.

Every payroll system that we deploy is backed by a talented customer support team which helps our users solve their problems rapidly in a time bound manner. Our teams are always available to provide any kind of support which our clients may require at any point of time to me. This is done to meet their diverse requirements for achieving regulatory compliance and meeting employee expectations.

Combining diverse functionality and scalable solutions our payroll management systems is a critical element in reducing the workload of the accounts and HR departments in any corporate organization. We use a modular design structure which enables rapid customization and enhancement of our payroll system to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Clients directly benefit by using Suvrana's payroll processing systems and reduce manpower and processing costs to a great extent.