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Re-Seller Benefits

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We always forge strong relationships with our resellers who help our product reach out to our customers in various locations and create new markets for us. Suvarna completely supports its re-sellers through attractive marketing and promotional packages which help our product reach the target audience and deliver the solutions which our clients expect from us. Suvarna's greatest strength is its product design and core features for various products which include our HIMS system, our DMS system and our advanced payroll module which is designed for supporting and managing hospitals of any size. Suvarna Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) system is ideally suited for hospitals which have a capacity of 50 beds to hospitals which have 750 beds. We have over 50 clients who use our HIMS software and these clients have achieved enormous savings in their day to day operations.

When you join as a Suvarna reseller, you give your customers total peace of mind which no other healthcare IT provider can provide. Suvarna's HIMS solutions give re-sellers peace of mind and add value for their re-selling process. We let your customers concentrate only on their healthcare business while our competitors make our clients focus only the IT business to keep their solutions up and running. As a re-seller of Suvarna's products you already have an established brand name in the market as our HIMS, DMS and Payroll Modules have a good presence in the market. Suvarna's HIS system is ably complimented by our Document Management System(DMS) which is designed to provide medical record acess and automation for our patients.

Re-seller Benefits

Suvarna places a great amount of importance on re-seller benefits and ensures that our re-seller are able to capture the target market in a highly effective manner. Our re-sellers gain the following benefits by associating themselves with Suvarna.

Excellent Product Base

Suvarna has an excellent product base which is very unique and cost effective in the market. This strong product base which is comprised of a flagship HIMS system combined with customization and functionality for every vendor is a strong assurance that Suvarna captures every corner of the market with its products and services portfolio.

Strong Support Network

We always stand behind our resellers in every possible aspect where they require our services and support. Our skilled engineers are always available on call to provide the best support techniques to our clients, which improves client satisfaction and trust. Our support engineers are throughly trained on our HIMS, DMS and Payroll products and provide the highest level of support for our clients on various fronts. Our HIMS system is one of the most sought after software which is used by over 55 hospitals across Andhra Pradesh.

Profit Oriented Approach

Suvarna is highly dynamic and fast growing organization with a strong focus on revenue generation and partner growth. We always maintain a highly profitable relationship with our re-sellers on various fronts which aids in the mutual growth of the re-seller and our organization across various product lines like HIMS, DMS and Payroll Manager. Suvarna is strongly committed to enhance its sales profitability and re-seller revenue through innovative product and service offerings which are unique in the market. Our products have good market value and deliver a good return on investment.