Suvarna Laboratory Information Management System

Suvarna Laboratory Information Management System

SLIMS is a web based LIS architecture incorporates standard web-based features, with a scalable and extendable web browser client-side application and a database server “farm.” Communications between client and server are achieved through standard web service messaging over hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).


Alternatively, a secure HTTP (HTTPS) can be used for a more secure environment.


To take advantage of all the available processing power and allow for a rich user experience, SLIMS web based HIS splits code into business logic (which is executed on the server side), and presentation code (run by a .NET control on the web client). The result is predictable response times and a far superior user experience.


For scalability, SLIMSis a web based LIS, application servers utilize hardware resources by dynamically creating execution threads that concurrently handle business logic requests. The scalable distributed server farm is continuously monitored by a balancing server, which analyzes the workload and routes to the optimal server.


SLIMS has the portability and connectivity to run on virtually all standard hardware platforms, with stringent data security and easy recovery in case of a system failure.


Our SLIMS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to patient care, cost control, and improved profitability. The main features of SLIMS include Modular Structure, Integrated Design, Multi-Level Security, Easily Customizable, GUI Based and User Friendly.