Application Migration

Application Migration

In a fast changing business and technological environment, it is essential to have a a forward looking application framework which is highly flexible and is designed for scalability. Our application migration services are streamlined for providing highly comprehensive solutions which are cost effective and scalable at the same time.
Application migration is a highly complex task which requires the use of various services and technologies to enhance the usability of particular application and software systems. We understand that many clients use various types of legacy applications which are not compatible with present systems and these present a complex problem when they choose to scale or expand their operations.

Our unique approach

Our approach towards application migration is two fold as we approach the various aspects of our customer requirements in a precise and effective manner. We analyze client requirements and prepare a detailed process document which helps us identify the key areas which are required to be addressed in the migration process. We have developed a unique HIMS system which is used for hospital management and functioning, this Hospital Information System is designed to provide the highest level of flexibility for hospitals on various fronts. Suvarna's HIS system which is also known as HIMS is designed for delivering the best value while reducing the cost of hospital operation. Suvarna has a vast amount of experience in migrating various products like HIMS and DMS from various vendors.

This application migration is the key reason why our HIMS product is so successful.

On the second front, we create and develop various types of applications which are required to convert legacy data into existing formats. Having this approach helps our clients achieve a comprehensive application migration process which reduces the cost of migration and improves end user performance.
We adopt a highly comprehensive framework of training and migration across various domains. Drawing on our wide spread industry acumen in different migration areas we are able to successfully deliver solutions which are cost effective and customer centric.

The key benefits of using our application migration services include

Effective solutions even for mission critical solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for mission critical software solutions and these enhance the reliability and stability of client frameworks from a micro to a macro level. Our skilled engineers handle various types of critical migration tasks in a highly effective manner and ensure that there is no loss or downtime due to the application migration process.

Single point of contact for support

A comprehensive support service is essential to enhance every migration requirement successfully. We have a strong support back end which is headed by highly experienced staff who can deploy solutions rapidly and effectively in various environments. We assign dedicated resources for our clients to help them get the best out of application migration services and rapidly generate value by expanding business operations.

Industry Leading Services

Our service portfolio is based on a diverse spectrum of tools and technologies which fulfill customer needs and requirements in an ever expanding marketplace where new technologies are being introduced every day.

ISO 9001 quality standards

We have achieved the coveted ISO 9001 quality standard which proves our strong commitment towards quality and enhances the value of implementation in different locations. We are completely process driven company which uses highly measurable and tangible process metrics for achieving the best results. All our software which includes our HIMS, DMS and Payroll Modules are designed to achieve the highest quality standards in their development process.

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