ERP solutions

ERP solutions

Strategic ERP solutions are the cornerstone of any business and are an essential aspect of managing and prioritizing their business requirements and optimizing resource utilization. We deliver concrete ERP solutions which are tailored and optimized to improve the workflow of various manufacturing or development systems.

Customer requirements are changing on a constant basis which requires a radical redefinition of the various aspects of the ERP implementation in the changing business environment. Clients can reliably choose Suvarna as a strategic implementation partner for their ERP deployment and migration process and generate the best ROI using our solutions when compared to any other competing vendor in the market.

We offer the best features in all our ERP modules which make them universally acceptable for every client and business entity. Our products are always going through a process of continuous enhancement to improve their quality standards. Some of the outstanding features of our ERP solutions are

Highly Flexible

Suvarna has designed its ERP solutions to be highly flexible in their design and deployment. Our ERP packages are designed for rapid customization and cross platform functionality across various domains and verticals. Our clients always trust and use our ERP software, due to its inherent flexibility which helps us provide the right solutions. This is invaluable for any company which is implementing ERP, due to the amount of changes which occur during the implementation process. Our every ERP deployment is backed by our strong support team, which is highly motivated and technically skilled to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time and budget.

Modular Designs

Our ERP designs are built around a modular structure which is highly effective and flexible in the long run. This is beneficial for our clients who wish to have scalability and for their ERP solutions as their business needs evolve. We spend a great deal of time in implementing the right kind of software road maps and architecture, to deliver the modular design flexibility required by our clients. This saves our clients thousands of dollars when they need to re-align their ERP systems as per their changing business climates.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Suvarna's solutions are highly cost effective and combine the best features of the costliest ERP packages at a cost effective price point. We deliver outstanding value for every rupee that is invested in our applications and guarantee the best ROI. Clients can improve their resource utilization by as much as 20%,when they use our ERP solutions which do not require specialized training or large amount of resources forrunning our software. Low cost of ownership is also achieved by reducing the training cost of man power.The use of thin client deployments reduces total cost of ownership and also centralizes data collection andmanagement.

Highly Secure

Clients are assured of total system security when they use our ERP solutions as we build highly complex safeguards into every ERP package that we design. With various types of tiered access controls and user authentication layers, our ERP modules can be configured to deliver filtered results to users thereby restricting information flow to a need only basis.

Advanced MIS tracking

We have built highly advanced MIS tracking and reporting tools into our ERP packages which offer a diverse range of hierarchical MIS reporting methods. These are highly effective for our clients to take micro level business decisions and improve the utilization of resources and manpower. Our ERP packages rely on highly secure data modules which guard against hacking and leaking of information to third parties during datatransfer, processing or migration. This maintains absolute confidentiality for our clients and helps reduce process inefficiency.

End to End solutions

We are one of the few service providers who offer end to end ERP deployment solutions. This is highly cost effective for various customer who cannot afford a modular ERP deployment approach due to various factors. Our turnkey services include hardware selection and installation, software creation and deployment and training of staff to operate the ERP system in the optimum manner. Our end to end solutions are cost effective methods of increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity through tighter management control and improved reporting performance. Our clients can now focus on better business development practices, while we provide them with a strong and solid back end ERP solutions which work flawlessly.

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