Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is a critical and continuous process which is designed to enhance the quality of developed software and make it developer independent and process dependent. Suvarna Technosoft offers the industry's most comprehensive software quality assurance services which are cost effective and place the quality of client software into the highest league.

We have formulated various strategies which achieve the goal of identifying the right parameters and metrics and their deployment. Suvarna also offers various types of quality audits which are essential for enhancing the quality of the development and testing process to achieve high quality end results for our clients. Our quality assurance processes are highly detailed and encompass every aspect of the quality control segment and its related variables.

Our Quality assurance services cover the following areas.

Quality Audits

We perform rigorous quality audits on various aspects of software development and testing cycles. These quality audits are highly comprehensive and enable us to identify critical areas which require modification and enhancement for improving the quality of the software process. Our quality audits help identify the right tools and processes which are needed for enhancing the quality of the software process and improving customer satisfaction on all fronts.

Metric Creation and Managements

Suvarna's quality assurance experts identify the key variables present in the software development and testing chain. We formulate various global standard metrics to monitor variance and enhance tracking performance in the software development life cycle. A typical software development cycle may have thousandsof metrics which keep evolving in the development process.

Testing Quality Assurance

We offer the best software testing and quality assurance services for our clients in diverse industry verticals. Our testing quality assurance services are highly refined and have evolved into streamlined processes, which reduce the time taken to integrate the various qualitative aspects of the testing life cycle and cover both white and black box testing methodologies.

Quality Assurance Training

Suvarna offers various types of quality assurance training services which can be conducted in-house by our clients. These in house training programs are designed to enhance the quality outlook and involve the best practices which we have gathered across various software domains and integrated into our quality assurance manuals. These offer clients a wealth of information at their fingertips. Our highly trained software professionals handle all the quality assurance services in a highly systematic manner which ensures that there is a seamless transition towards gaining a quality approach in the software development and delivery process.

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