Technical Services

Technical Services

Suvarna is single and unified service provider which aims to provide the best services to its clients under a single roof. In addition to our core application development which is focused on the continuous enhancement of our Hospital Information Management System and ERP implementation services, a large number of requests arose for the provision of end to end technical services which enhance productivity and improve reliability of operations. Our HIMS software is our most sought after product and we provide a wide range of technical services for not only for our HIS system but also our document management and Payroll Management System.

World Class Expertise

Suvarna has a team of dedicated specialists who provide world class technical assistance to our customers in various areas for every budget requirement. Our technical services group is now a core and essential part of our every service deployment strategy which we follow to deliver complete client satisfaction.

Suvarna offers our clients the following technical service provisions.

Network Installation and planning

We offer comprehensive network installation and planning services for our clients which include planning hardware and cabling requirements in various environments and locations. We have installed and deployed hundreds of complex installations for various requirements. We use the best network hardware equipment made by world renowned companies like Cisco, Linksys and various other industry leaders. This ensure minimal downtime and rapid installation of network components. Suvarna also offers refurbishment of existing networks using fiber or optical based technologies.

System Installation

Our technical services team also specializes in deploying high end system configurations including serversand mainframe components which require dedicated installation services. We have highly trained engineers who handle the system installation and configuration process in a seamless manner. For clients with pre-existing hardware, we also offer options for migration and change over of hardware modules with minimal downtime.

Software Deployment Services

Advanced software modules require dedicated installation and configuration services which can be performed only by experts. We handle various types of software deployment services on diverse computing platforms. Suvarna has a proven strategy and methodical approach for every software deployment operation that we perform which gives us an unmatched success rate. We also include client feedback and adapt to their changes and need during the deployment as required.

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